This is how you can hide ip of yours with ExpressVPN

The Internet is the largest repository of information in the world. We head there for entertainment, learning, communication and business. As such, we are bound to leave some information online about ourselves. This can be when signing up for services, sending out emails, paying for products or joining social media sites. It is important to protect this personal information from malicious Internet users such as hackers. It is also crucial to protect it from those who try to monitor our online activities such as organizations and governments. How can you do this? You can do it by using our Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Known as ExpressVON, our service protects your identity online allowing you to surf anonymously. Here is more about how we can hide ip with vpn.

Hide IP of Yours

What is ExpressVPN?

Our VPN service creates a tunnel between you and the Internet. Whenever you use your devices to surf the Internet, our VPN works to ensure that your online activities are protected from hackers, organizations, governments and even ISPs. This essentially enables you to surf the Internet anonymously. What other services does our VPN service accomplish for you? Read on to learn more.

Features of the ExpressVPN

It hides your IP address

Every device which accesses the Internet has a unique identifier known as its IP address. This identifier can be used to get quite a lot of information about you. For example, it can be used to find out your exact physical location. If this information gets into the hands of malicious individuals, you could become exposed to a variety of threats. Using our ExpressVPN service, you can essentially hide ip (with vpn) as you surf the Internet. How exactly do we do this for you?

We hide your original IP address simply by assigning a proxy IP address to it. This one is assigned at the server that you choose to use in the tunnel to access the Internet. As such, the proxy IP address not only masks your real one, but also makes it seem like you live in a country that is different from yours. The is a process that we call geo spoofing.

In this way, anyone tracking you using the proxy IP address would end up in a location different from your real one. Secondly, your proxy IP address changes every time you get online to surf. As such, it cannot be predicted by hackers, ISPs or governments. When we hide ip (with vpn), we give you complete virtual anonymity. We are your ever-present protectors on the Internet.

We encrypt all your communications

Any information that you send or receive through our ExpressVPN service is encrypted. We apply 256 bit encryption to disguise and protect any data that you enter online. In this way your passwords, login names and other details are all protected from the prying eyes of hackers, governments and organizations. While using our service, all your sensitive information is protected through hide ip (with vpn) so that you can engage in activities such as banking, shopping and chatting online securely. Moreover, you can feel free to share even the most sensitive personal information with a loved one online with no risk of it being discovered by someone else.

There is no logging of your personal information

In recent times, online privacy has been sacrificed. Laws and regulations have been passed to make your online behavior subject to scrutiny by legal departments. Despite some territories of the world having passed these laws, our technicians at ExpressVPN do not share any of your surfing activity with anyone no matter the circumstance.

We protect you from targeted advertising

There are third party services which use your IP address to drive advertisement traffic to you based on your online activity or geographical location. These advertisements are very annoying and some of them even contain viruses. By using our ExpressVPN service, you are protected from all them. We hide ip (with vpn) and lock out these third party services. As a result, you can enjoy an Internet experience free of interruptions.


There are many risks online. Examples of these are exploitation by hackers, monitoring by governments and censorship by ISPs and organizations. Through our ExpressVPN, we can keep you protected from all these. It is available for all devices capable of accessing the Internet for example smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. We provide this service at affordable rates for everyone.