How to Setup Chromecast on PC?

The ChromeCast is a type of streaming device made by Google that allows you to connect a mobile device or computer to your television and be able to stream online contents. If you’re one of those who have already purchased a Google Chromecast, you’re probably aware of this fact already. However, the problem would be on how you will set up the streaming device. Don’t worry; it’s pretty easy, but if you’re still a little confused, we’re here to help you.

Setting Up Your Google ChromeCast

Step 1: Plugging the Chromecast into the TV


This step is self-obvious, but there could be one bit of a problem– you might not be able to make your ChromeCast work properly. If something like that happens, what you can do is check if the ChromeCast is already plugged into the HDMI port, while the power cable into the USB port. In case that your TV doesn’t have a universal serial bus port, don’t worry; you can still use an adapter and just plug it in the outlet wall. Turn on the TV and choose the suitable input.


Step 2: Connect the Computer to a WiFi Network

You’re going to need a working computer and a ChromeCast for this. Both should be connected using the same WiFi network for you to be able to install it properly. Start up your PC and see to it that it’s linked to the WiFi network you’re going to use to be able to stream your content

Step 3: Go to the Setup Site

The television should be directing you to go to chromecast/Setup and it’s what you should do. Then, get the app and follow the instructions in order to download and set it up on your computer.

Step 4: Start It Up

After download and installation, this app should run automatically. If it fails to do so, double-click the ChromeCast icon on the desktop or you can also try navigating to the drive where it was installed.

Don’t forget to check the code and see to it that it’s done properly, the TV, as well as the computer should show a random code and make sure that both codes match, and then click, “That’s My Code.”

Type in your WiFi credentials, and on your PC, enter your WiFi network’s password. In most instances, the name would be indicated, but if not, just enter it again. Depending on your preference, you’re also allowed to name the Chromecast.

Step 5: Get the Extension

Go to the given link to be able to get the extension. Through this, you would be able to conveniently broadcast the content coming from your PC to your TV through the ChromeCast app. You ought to know that you’ll have to use Google chrome in order to proceed.

For you to have this, all you have to do is click the “+Free” button and you’ll receive an alert after completing the installation.

Step 6: Casting High-Quality Video for Best Results

There’s a special option where you can cast websites, such as YouTube directly to Chromecast. This can be done on a number of services, such as NetFlix and YouTube, just like how you cast using your mobile device.

When casting from NetFlix, you can still control the playback using your computer, while the actual video is cast to your TV instead of being mirrored.

That’s why you wouldn’t experience quality problems because the video would be streamed directly from the router onto the ChromeCast, instead of having it from the computer through your router, then to the ChromeCast.

Keep in mind though, not all streaming websites have this feature, but for those that do, it gives you the privilege of being able to watch videos on your TV with ease.

Step 7: What Can You Expect with Those Options

The options in ChromeCast are pretty simple. As a matter of fact, you are allowed to choose the quality of your casting tabs.

For those who are experiencing a wide range of performance issues, what can be done is to adjust the quality to a lower bitrate. This will have an effect on how the video would appear, but it’s a great way to enjoy better streaming using your Chrome tab.

Overall, ChromeCast is a versatile streaming device that offers a lot of potential. Give it a try and enjoy a better viewing experience.