Do you know How to Get HBO Go in Canada? Within the last couple of years, content streaming has grown to be the in-thing in entertainment. The stream channels on the hands have increased. Some networks such as HBO Go have gained exclusive airing rights to certain content. If you are in Canada you may already be aware that you cannot stream into the HBO Go network.

This, in essence, would deny you access to watching some nice series and movies such as the Game of Thrones live. Of course, you have the chance to wait for the content to be available for download. But this might take days, a period within which the internet will be full of spoilers and ‘misguided’ reviews. Yet again, if you are in Canada and have a good internet connection you have no reason to worry. Using VPNs you can comfortably stream from your house.

Why access HBO Go Via VPNs

VPNs grant you access to geo-restricted streaming services by granting you an alternative tunneling IP address. This allows your device to access the network as if it was in the United States (or whichever country the stream is hosted).
Additionally, choosing to use VPNs grants you anonymity since VPNs mask your IP address. Geo-restriction circumvention is considered a breach of copyright regulations by streamers.
The anonymity offered by VPNs is essential for protecting oneself from prosecution. With encryption of the data between the Netflix USA VPN servers and the user, you can also be sure that your data will be safe.

Let’s now see How to Get HBO Go in Canada.

How to Get HBO Go in Canada using a VPN

• First, you need to sign up for a credible VPN service.

• Once signed up, connect to your VPN service through their app.

• After connecting choose a Unites States Server.

• Visit the HBO Go site and open an account (assuming you do not have one already)

• Subscribe to the service by paying the subscription fee.

• Log in to the service and start watching your favorite programs.

A choice of three good VPN service providers

Choosing a reliable VPN is very important. It may define the difference between figuring out how to Get HBO Go in Canada working or regretting ever trying. If you are in Canada there are quite a good number of VPNs that you can choose from. Nonetheless, you can cut your number to just three.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most dependable service providers. People tend to avoid to avoid the use of VPNs due to the relatively low speeds. This particular VPN is different, with testable high speeds being available upon free trial. EpressVPN boats of the following features;

• Unlimited bandwidth allowing you access to the ability to use multiple devices.

• Relatively cheap as compared to other VPNs of its caliber.

• Good customer service record with 24/7 chat capability and a fast on email response system.

• It’s got an impressive high-speed delivery with commendable uptimes.

• The service has a 30-day money back guarantee.

• With an efficient client referral system, you can bank on a few months free service for enrolling friends, colleagues and friends.

• Compatible with all devices from Windows and Linux PCs and Mac to iOS and Android devices.

• Concerned about payment privacy? You can pay via Bitcoin.

• Boast of more than 1000 servers spread across more than 90 countries ( and multiple server locations in the United States.)

• No logs are stored on the VPN’s servers

Moving to the second vpn on how to Get HBO Go in Canada.

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2. VyprVPN

Another lauded VPN service is VyprVPN. This service gives you the ability to try out their service for free which is a good thing. They also control every aspect of their service from holding their own servers and controlling their DNS. A number of VPN service providers have an aspect of third party control in them due to the use of third party service providers. This inhibits on privacy. Key among other numerous features are:

• A simple to use app

• A respectable number of servers available to connect to across around 60 countries

• Has a free trial option

• No rerouting of data to third party servers

• Offers respectable speeds with a minimal amount of lags.

• Claim full proprietary ownership of their own servers

• Allow for payment using PayPal.

Nordvpn is the 3rd in our list on How to Get HBO Go in Canada.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN makes the cut of the top three due to its low price and focuses on privacy. The service is famed for its service to dark web anonymity levels. Considering that you are just streaming then you are way up the access chain. Some of the VPN’s notable features include:

• Their app is easy to use.

• High privacy standards

• Three day trial period with a 30-day money back guarantee

• Ability to purchase a dedicated IP address reducing IP switch periods.

• Unlimited bandwidths

Our recommendation

Whereas NordVPN offers heightened security, it has a minimal number of servers in North America and the US in particular. This reduces its speed and latency capabilities. For that reason alone, you can turn your face away.

VyprVPN is good enough to give you free taste of their services, which is rather expensive upon subscription. At the same time it lacks a dedicated app for apple devices, which is a letdown for Apple TV, Mac and iOS device owners. A lower privacy concern is a noted drawback.

ExpressVPN beats the other two options due to its high number of servers, its high speed as well as its superior customer service. Notably it lacks a free trial option. This problem is however catered for by the money back guarantee.

Good VPN services do not come free. If you are going to pay for a service then you are better off getting the best service. Basing on our review, ExpressVPN proves to be more useful if you wish to stream HBO Go from Canada. Take a dive and try it.

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