Netflix Canada What’s Good For March 2018?

2018 has already been an exciting year in the celebration of women! It’s been a century since the suffragette’s movement and the world has taken notice.
We’ve already seen a huge, and growing, following for the #timesup movement and the #Thisgirlcan movement, which has even been implemented into Universities for female led sports activities!

So what’s next for embracing the power of women? Well, March is in fact the month dedicated to women in the film industry, both on and off camera!In response to the fantastic month-now called Women’s History Month, Netflix Canada are putting women first! In celebration of the event they are showing some incredibly worthy watches, and there is no better time to watch and appreciate women on the big (or small) screen.

So what’s the best picks in terms of Movies? Well here’s our two to picks to keep you going!

First match (available from March 30th)

This is one to add to the top of your watch list! A teenage girl, who has grown a hard outer shell by spending years in the foster care system, has decided she need a change in her life.
She signs up to join an all-boys wrestling team at her school in Brooklyn, but there might be more trouble from this than she was expecting. She is up for the challenge though, and feels that wrestling boys is her own way to get revenge on her estranged father.

Are you hooked? We are!

The film was written and directed by Olivia Newman and stars the very talented ElvireEmanuelle, she has starred in some short films before but this is her first feature length-and she is certainly a name to look out for!

Ladies First (available from March 8th)

This is more than your usual inspiring story!

DeepikaKumari is the protagonist, a girl born amongst incredible poverty in rural India who stumbles upon a hidden talent when searching for food. That talent, is archery!

Within four short years, she is the number one archer on the planet, and through the film we follow her brave journey from exceptional underdog-to Olympic Gold Medallist.

If there was a film to celebrate women-this is it!

The film was directed by UraazBahl.

Perhaps series are more your thing? Well, no need to worry-we’ve got a few top picks of those too so you can binge watch as many as you like!

Jessica Jones (Series 2 available from 8th March)

This series follows the tragedy of Jessica Jones and her very brief career as a superhero. Luck never seems to fall on her side as she tries to build herself back up getting a job as a private investigator.

She tackles cases involving those who have rather remarkable abilities in NYC, and in this latest series she grapples her worst demons yet and attempts to hunt down the source of her own powers.
Jessica Jones is played by Emmy Award Winning actress Krysten Ritter.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman (Available from 9th March)

The title says it all here but the basic premise is comedian David Letterman offers revealing and interesting interviews with people he finds fascinating.If you want an interesting watch and like the documentary style of filming, and have an interest in learning more about the people behind the actors, then this is the series for you!
However you celebrate choose to celebrate this March, Netflix has got you covered!

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