Netflix Usa vs Netflix Canada – What are the differences?


Netflix’s DVD by mail rental-service is basically among the most obvious-benefit. Netflix members with paid accounts can browse a wide database of DVDs & add them to their digital queue, from where they ship as soon as they are available. When you finish watching your movie, you can send it back-in a prepaid envelope that has been provided. The next movie title in the queue is then shipped upon its’ return. Usually, it takes only 2 business days for the DVD from Netflix to arrive. The more expensive plans will allow you to rent-more than 1 movie at-a-time.

Netflix recently started offering Blu Ray discs through their rental-system. This is quite convenient for the movie watchers who have high definition televisions (also known as HDTVs) and Blu Ray players who cannot afford the high-purchase price of the Blu-Ray movies. Activating Blu Ray on the Netflix account, costs an additional of $2 per month.

netflix usa

netflix usa

Netflix Usa Watch Instantly

Although the company was founded-on their rental by mail-system, Netflix has gained popularity for the Watch-Instantly video on demand services. As of March of the year 2011, Netflix members/users have also gained access to the library of thousands-of TV shows and movies which stream instantly-to the computer. They can also access the Netflix’s Watch Instantly-service with various other devices, including the game consoles (like Sony PS 3, Microsoft Xbox-360 & Nintendo-Wii), select Blu Ray players & HDTVs, digital video-players (Roku Player & TiVo), as-well-as the Apple’s line of portable-devices (like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch).

US Netflix  versus Netflix Canada

Netflix Canada is not as good as the US Netflix. It’s a fact Well Known Which Most Canadians have driven some to adopt legal Measures in order to access Netflix America. It is hard to deny the-disparity-Between the amount of content that’s available on Netflix in comparison to US That Netflix in Canada. There are many television programs & Movies that Netflix Canada does not have any available access too.


Netflix US has better shows because of one simple yet-complicated idea, and that is contracts. The Netflix company has to make-contracts with the big media companies so as to get rights to their movies & TV shows. Unfortunately for Netflix (& Canadians) they’ve a much harder-time getting the contracts for the Canadian Netflix because the big media companies that are in Canada are securing them. Currently, one of the-ways Netflix has been applying pressure on the traditional licensing-models is by producing its’ own original content & releasing it just the way the web likes it: that is, all at once & everywhere. The hit shows “House-of Cards” & “Orange is the New-Black” are the 2 best known examples, however, Netflix is currently working on many more originals, which include a new 4 series deal with the Marvel Entertainment. A netflix original “Hemlock-Grove” was shot in & around Toronto. Most TV makers have been more willing-to adapt to the new-digital paradigm than the film studios, 1 of the reasons why the television now accounts-for 70 % of viewing-on Netflix.

movies hd

movies hd

Netflix US has its’ Canadian counterpart well beat in matters of TV shows like south park, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, and also the phenomenal TV show, Sons Of Anarchy, however, when in matters of actual movies, difference between these 2 regions is less painful. For example, the 1st season of Homeland & early seasons of Dexter and Community, are only available-in Canada and aren’t available in the US. Also, Canadian produced shows like Being-Erica and Degrassi High, are both exclusive only to Canadian Netflix.

Why choose us netflix?

In matters of movies, most of the Canadian exclusive movie titles are a few-years old, such as Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter, 127 hours, Battle: Los-Angeles, Catfish and Children of Men. Some classics like Boyz N-The-Hood and Cruel Intentions, are exclusive to the Canadian Netflix. Still, there is much more content-available in US, that is over 10,000 movie titles while Canada has around 4,000 titles.

Canadians have been flocking to Netflix since its’ expansion in the north in the year 2010, but most have now noticed that they pay the-same price for services that are less comprehensive than those in the US. As a result, a growing number-of Canadians pay small monthly fees so as to use virtual private network (abbreviated as VPN) service in order to change the IP address and access Netflix. They pretend to-be Americans so that they can access the larger United States library.