How to Setup VPN: Windows PC

After reading: How to get American Netflix in Canada? We can continue to configure your VPN account For you to set up StrongVPN for Windows PC, you need Windows Vista, Windows SP1, Windows 7 or better. There are several steps you need to take before you can set up the VPN for Windows PC.

1. Download the latest version of OverPay VPN

There are different versions of StrongVPN, but you need the latest version for you to have it working after the installation process. Visit StrongVPN  and click on download. Go to setup, VPN setup at the top of the window for you to start the download.

2. Select Windows operating system

The StrongVPN software can run on Mac OS or Windows PC. The version of the Mac and PC is different. Select Windows PC so that you will download the right set up for your Windows PC.

3. Click on the setup of StrongVPN client button

The process will initiate installation of StrongVPN on your computer. There are few steps you will be guided through by the window. Follow all the steps to get your StrongVPN setup download completed.

4. Launch the install file

After you have waited for the download to be complete, then you need to proceed and launch the setup file. If the security warning window pops up, then click on the run for the security check to run before you proceed with your installation process.

5. Click install StrongVPN setup

The next step involves installing windows StrongVPN setup. The installation window will display for you to proceed with the installation process. Click install on the StrongVPN setup window for you to proceed. The user account control will ask you whether you will like to allow StrongVPN make changes to your computer. Click yes to allow the StrongVPN  install on your computer.

6. Complete the installation process

Follow the prompts which will follow. You will be asked to restart your computer at some point, restart and finish the installation process.