What services can be unlocked with VPN?

US Netflix, one of the biggest online entertainment companies in the whole world, comes with unique benefits that make it stand out of the crowd. Its features and benefits make it unique on the market and definitely a fierce competitor to Amazon or Hulu Plus. US Netflix is even better than Australia or Canada’s Netflix.

american-netflixHere are some of the unique benefits of US Netflix:

– Vast library of movies and TV shows: Netflix offers over 25,000 titles, having licensing deals with ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, DreamWorks, Sony and BBC

– Multiple subscriptions and better rates

– Better shows that cater to the needs of their audiences

– Offers a commercial-free platform

– Enables users to personalize their selection of movies and offer ratings

– Compatible with almost all devices on the market


Hulu Plus came off as an offshoot of Hulu, which stated out as a fully fledged internet television service in
2007.Three years after that, this subscription came to the fore, offering expanded services and giving users a choice in the mold of television series, applications and general content. Hulu Plus HuluPlus-in-canadaoffers plenty of streaming capabilities, offering the user a range of choices across the board.

Consumers around the world have noted that Hulu Plus is capable of showing episodes of various television series just a day after their release. This allows users to pick up invaluable videos a very short time


HBO Nordic is an on-demand network that belongs to HBO, but is only available to the Nordic regions of Europe. People from Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden will be able to easily
subscribe to HBO Go and stream their favorite TV shows and movies while on the go. Recently, Iceland has been added to this streaming opportunity.

hbo-nordic-in-canadaThis niche HBO-branded streaming channel is perceived as an experiment by most experts, especially as the Nordic countries combined have a population of only 25 million people. HBO Nordic stands out from the crowd by coming with something totally new – users can access the service via multiple channels, including mobile, TV and laptop.

The HBO Nordic app is very easy to navigate. The app remembers your history and will start the episodes from you left off. People from these region are enthusiastic about what HBO wants to do in their region, and they can enjoy the whole HBO package for just $14,47 a month.


FUNimation is one of the leading anime companies in North America. In fact, it has also gained a lot of popularity when it comes to home video sales of Japanese animation in the United States.

FUNimation-Logo-Featured-ImageThere are plenty of reasons why you should consider being a member of FUNimation. For one, anyone can be a free member and there’s no need to pay for an Elite subscription if you don’t want to. The strength of this anime streaming service lies with their back catalog. Although there’s the occasional overlapping in what they have and what CrunchyRoll has, it doesn’t happen frequently.

The good thing about being an Elite member though is that there aren’t any commercials and you’ll be able to have an access to dubs as well as OVAs, earlier simulcasts, and the like. You can also poke around the official website and you’ll see the other features that you can enjoy.


Amazon prime instant video For those who enjoy watching movies at the comfort of their own home, one of the several options to make this happen is by streaming videos. Amazon Prime amazon-prime-instant-video-logoVideo is a streaming service that allows you to watch your favorite videos through you choice of device whether it is a Blu-Ray player, internet-connected television, web browser or mobile devices that are compatible with this service.

Once you gain membership to this streaming service by Amazon, you can have a chance to instantly stream an unlimited number of videos that are available at the Prime Video catalogue. Just choose whatever any movie or video you want, and start streaming it on your device. In fact, you can even download a Prime video on your Kindle Fire, which enables you to watch it offline.

If you want to get started with this service, you may do so with a 30-day Amazon Prime or Prime Video free trial, a Prime video membership (monthly basis) or Amazon Prime membership (annual basis). In addition, if you have a shared household account on Amazon, it is also possible to access the Prime Video.