Top 4 Applications Netflix Users Need

The world of internet has changed significantly during the past decade. The change has become more evident since the launch of mobile internet. One name that makes the journey of mobile internet users even more interesting is Netflix. For those who don’t know, Netflix is one of the most widely used video streaming services operating right now.

Reading this article will assist you in using different features of Netflix even more fruitfully. Here, we have listed four of the most useful Netflix applications, each of which has been designed to make your Netflix experience more fascinating.

Application #1: Upflix

The top entrant of Netflix’s benefits applications list is that it would allow you to stay entertained 24×7. Upflix would make the process even smoother. Individuals who are interested in watching the most recent entertainment entering Netflix should make sure they have Upflix downloaded on their system. Other than having the opportunity of browsing different categories, users of this application would also get to select the option of receiving push notifications.

Use its fun roulette mode for adding some filters of your choice. This would allow you to get hold of a series of automatic suggestions. As a user of Upflix, you will also get the chance of searching for content (entertainment) by director.

Upflix is loved by users due to its ability of living up to the simple promise, the promise of making Netflix more user-friendly. The app can be used even by netizens who are not so tech-savvy and it’s surely one of the best possible ways of allowing you access to all kinds of content available on the much loved streaming service.

Application #2: AlertFilm

AlertFilm is an application planned and developed for individuals in search of the perfect TV show or movie to watch. One of the main reasons why we have picked AlertFilm as one of the best Netflix applications in use currently is its user-friendliness. You will find the process of getting started with the application absolutely simple. Just visit the app’s Explore tab and have a quick look at the huge collection of popular movies listed there. You will be allowed to gather a lot of information about your favorites from that list. For instance, you’ll get to watch trailers, and find out how much the movies have scored on the prestigious Rotten Tomatoes meter.

Adding your favorite movies to your watchlist has also been made easy and quick by this app; the only this you will need to do is make a quick swipe on the right side of the movie picked by you and it would be added immediately to your watchlist.

Are you wondering what the use of having this application on your system is? It’s simple, to make the process of finding watchable movies or television shows quicker and easier. The quantity of entertainment content that can be streamed online is growing with every passing day. This has made finding exactly what we would like to watch extremely difficult (and too much time taking). AlertFilm has the ability to make the process of discovering and watching movies a lot simpler.

Application #3:

Your Netflix experience can never be impressive if your Internet speed is not up to the mark. This makes having the application on your system an absolute must. This application would assist you in finding out how fast the internet connection on your system is. You would be assisted by this app irrespective of your location and the kind of internet connection you are using, broadband or mobile.

One of the most fascinating qualities of the app is that it’s ad-free. In addition, it boasts a streamlined design, which can be understood without much hassle. This app is special as it successfully proves that speed tests are not always difficult and complex.

Application #4: Movies with Friends Plus

You can use this particular application in two different manners. Firstly, Movies with Friends Plus would allow you to find out what kind of content your friends are watching on the streaming service. Secondly, you will also get the opportunity of exploring the content-filled Netflix library through tags submitted by users.

The main reason behind the popularity of Movies with Friends Plus is that it would allow you to see what people with similar tastes as yours are watching. This will make the process of picking content easier for you.