Do you know how to unblock and watch star sports in Canada? Star Sports is an India-based sports streaming channel. It has a wide range of sports coverage which makes it a worthy channel for sports lovers. Unfortunately, the service is not available for prospective viewers in Canada and other countries except in India. But in a world where technology can give you anything, you should not despair. You can circumvent the geographic restriction by using VPNs or the smart DNS proxy services.

Why use VPN for streaming? How To Unblock and Watch Star Sports In Canada

Netflix USA VPNs function by changing your IP address and granting you a geographically relevant IP address.
This is done through rerouting all your data through a server in your country of choice. The service is laudable since that comes with anonymity.
Additionally, most of the VPNs offer encryption on the data exchange. This makes it more secure to use. Due to the need to offer services such as encryption, these services require an app or program to help.

Let’s see how to Unblock and Watch Star Sports In Canada right now!

How to use ExpressVPN to unblock and watch Star Sports in Canada

• Download the ExpressVPN app
• Install the app and sign up
• On signing up, sign in and pay for subscriptions.
• Once set up, configure the service to your liking. This is not necessary though since the service is preconfigured to fit everyone’s needs
• Choose a server for the country where your intended channel is (in our case India)
• On your connected devices choose Star Sports and sign up
• Pay the subscription for the service and start streaming.

NB: The process above is an abridged ExpressVPN process. The diverse VPNs will differ in operation. The process, though, will not deviate to a large extent from the ExpresssVPN.

Features of a good VPN to unblock and watch Star Sports in Canada

Choosing an effective VPN service can be challenging task. The good thing is that there is good amount of information on some of the best VPN services. The yard stick in choosing VPNs entails the comparing the following features;


All VPNs are slower in download and upload speeds when compared to the original naked connections. However the amount lost should not be huge. A margin of 80% of the original connection speed should be the benchmark when it comes to streaming

Bandwidth capping

Bandwidth capping refers to the throttling of bandwidths once you have reached a particular level. Some VPN providers have a service that is highly restrictive. However for a smooth streaming you need to choose a service that offers unlimited bandwidths to reduce on lags.

Server Location

Geo location of the server is important if it is to bypass the server restriction. To bypass the country’s geo-restriction there need to be a few servers in the country. The more the servers the better.


One reason people choose to use VPNs is because of the ability to provide privacy and anonymity. Recently certain streaming service providers such as Netflix have threatened to sue geo-restriction circumventers for copyright infringement. You are therefore safer being anonymous.

Customer service

One sad thing about technology is the fact that at one time or another the user has to face some glitch or prolonged breakdown. In such a circumstances you definitely need a quick responding and effective customer service. You should therefore get a review of the customer service and choose a provider that has superb customer service. Nothing short of superb should be acceptable.


Streaming services are not free, neither are good VPNs. In choosing a VPN service you need to consider the rates of the service. It should be commensurate with service being offered. Moreover, you need to look for a service that offers a good free trial period or an acceptable money back guarantee period, of at least 30 days.

Smart DNS Proxy service

Smart DNS Proxy is a service that manipulates one’s proxy by hiding the source IP address. Through the smart DNS server, it is able to redirect your content back hence circumventing the streaming services’ geo-restriction.
The service is noted as being much faster than most VPNs. However, there are major privacy risks. The service exposes the user to hacks and man-in-the-middle data intercepts.
Additionally, lack of anonymity is a major risk. Bearing in mind that accessing stream content through geo-restriction circumvention is a form of copyright infringement, it is necessary to contemplate covering one’s tracks. That is why VPNs are considered a better option.

How to use Smart DNS Proxy Service to access Star Sports

• Sign up to a Smart DNS Proxy service
• Pay the subscription fee or choose their free trial
• Log in to your account
• Change the DNS on your computer or router as instructed
• On the portal choose Star Sports and subscribe to it
• Reconnect your device to the network and start watching your programs


In the large group of VPNs being sold as streaming capable, ExpressVPN is one trusted brand. The service is quite cheap, with a simple app. It also requires very little technical knowledge to start using. ExpressVPN boast of one of the largest pool of servers with a good number of them in India.
Additionally, the ExpressVPNs minimal speed reduction rates are remarkable offering between 82% and 86% of the original network speed. Their service is also fully unlimited, no caps whatsoever. With a consistent customer service they are quite capable of offering unlocking and watching ability to Star Sports channel viewers in Canada.
On the downside they lack a free trial period. Nonetheless, you can subscribe and take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. They are worth dropping a coin for before any further trial with other services.

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