How to watch American Netflix Chromecast

Netflix is an American entertainment company which provides a various range of TV shows and movies.

What is the fun fact about it?

Well, it lets you stream these episodes directly on your smartphones, PCs, TV and on gaming consoles as well. Netflix is that friend of yours who won’t just stop proposing outlandish new ideas but also lets you choose from a wide range of shows that won’t let you get bored. Netflix is the leading internet television network with over 100 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 1250 shows and still adding to its queue. But there are added cons when you get so many offerings from a single company. Netflix provides varied collections in several countries. American Netflix has encompassed collections one would love to watch.

Chromecast is basically a little device that transforms your HD TV into a technology advanced smart TV and makes stream videos along with other media from different services like Netflix, but the problem still prevails about how to experience those exclusive shows if you are outside the USA. Fortunately, there are certain possibilities to get your hands on it. Virtual Private Network abbreviated as VPN or Smart DNS services both help to eradicate the problem provides the Netflix subscribers outside the US to gain unlimited access to TV shows and live streams as well.

Steps to use VPN or DNS Proxies

Well if you want to cherish the original shows of US though you reside outside the states, here are some options that can help you to get the taste. You can use a VPN which lets you change public IP address and simultaneously unblock content that was unavailable in your province. So go on setting up VPN, you will be able to watch American Netflix using Chromecast outside the USA, as the VPN creates a mask on your online place. It masks your IP, and by encrypting, it protects from hackers and spies. VPN also helps in accessing to geoblocked content but only one province at once. In case you wish to change the province you have to reconfigure it.  Chromecast originally does not support VPN hence a VPN permitted router is required. Get these things in handy, and you are all set to enjoy the show.

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider such as “ExpressVPN” or “NordVPN.”
  2. Then download and install the application on your PC.
  3. Start your application and select “cast this tab.”
  4. Launch the VPN application and sign in using the VPN account.
  5. Now connect to the American VPN server.
  6. Go to the Netflix website or launch the application and watch on Chromecast outside the US

Well, there is another way to do so. Use a DNS proxy called Unlocator’s DNS that codes work on all streaming devices including Chromecast.

VPN and smart DNS allows unblocking other restricted channels on various devices including Chromecast, but the best possible way to enjoy the shows is using the VPN service.

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